We understand that an outstanding team is the building block of any organization. With a solid foundation, achieving our goals becomes a reality. 

  • Join our team to change the healthcare industry by reducing healthcare spend and optimizing the member experience.
  • We understand that financial stability is a priority and help our employees build a successful prosperous future for themselves.
  • We strongly value and believe in a work-life balance which is why we offer our employees unlimited paid time off
  • We understand the importance of a flexible work environment.

At 6 Degrees Health we are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for our employees, and those in our communities.
  • We believe that our community is stronger when everyone is included and appreciated. 
  • We are committed to learning, listening, and improving, while celebrating the diversity and humanity of all people. 
  • We are committed to providing opportunities for engagement in decision making, and ensuring safe transparency to express and challenge ideas. Grow your career. Work with us!

We're hiring! Come join our team! 

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